Beautiful Darkness

The band Beautiful Darkness was formed by musicians of different styles of music in Germany. Each one had already played in death, thrash, gothic, rock and power metal bands. The line-up is seven musicians, the latest one to join the band was a girl; Andrea Münster (vocal), Miodrag Stefanovic (vocal), Christian Fischer (guitar), Christopher Laschet (guitar), Thomas Böttger (bass), Ingo Lögers (keyboards) and Ralf Vent (drums).

The band have been doing a kind of music that's increasing a lot in Europe, they play basically doom/gothic with some power elements. Songs from the album "Mindless you Sleep", as Dark Eden and Nowhereawake, show better the band's talent. The other tracks are well worked, too, as Shadow Forest and Ssenskrad eht mai. The melodies in this album need to be improved, because they're good, but the production didn't help. Well, they released this album in an independent way, so it's quite difficulty to reach a better quality.

Before this last album, "Mindless you Sleep", the band has already recorded and released a demo called "Dark Eden". The band Beautiful Darkness has already toured with some famous band in Europe as Inkubus Sukkubus, Naglfar, Post Mortem, Factory of Art and Screams. They've been doing some acoustic and live performances on some festivals in Aachen/Cologne and in Berlin Eindhoven, Roermond and Masstricht, in Germany.

With some years of experience, this band will get there. This beginning is just a warm.


Beautiful Darkness
Miodrag Stefanovic
52222 Stolberg

Shadow Forest